Marriage is not for all – Marriage is not by force

Truth be told, marriage is a big deal. It’s no child’s play. Only those with matured minds should venture into it. And God forbid you immediately start having kids, and then it’ll be easy for the couple to fall apart. They begin to have issues from immaturity to care for a little one, the responsibilities that come with a growing family and running the home. Then two income isn’t enough for the family talk less of one; pressures arising from all sides. Phew! Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses. God help us.

I said it before if you’re looking for a relationship to complete you, you will consistently feel very lacking so let’s also get that cleared. No one can provide you what you lack in yourself and you hope to survive on someone else’s strength. That someone else is not God or a magic genie, or a unicorn with wish-granting abilities. Your spouse is human. If you’re putting unrealistic mythical expectations on your relationship, it might end up more Greek tragedy than romantic comedy. A good relationship should not complete you; it should inspire and challenge you to work on filling in the cracks on a daily basis.
More Marriage is not for all – Marriage is not by force

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