…Thin line between patience and weakness…


I was at a friend’s mother’s 60th birthday party some years back and some things were said about the woman. When her husband was called to give a speech about her, he recounted how she was supportive and held the family even when there were times he couldn’t hold the forth. He recounted how she single handedly made sure their children were never out of school at any particular time. She was patient and gentle, never demanding or nagging and I see how tolerating she was, still is. Despite the ups and downs that didn’t seem like were meant for her, she chose to stay happily married.

And so seem to be the trend during our mothers’ early years in marriage – a lot of tolerance, perseverance, calmness, endurance, sacrifice and filling in even when it’s not convenient. After all, someone once told me raising a family is not out of convenience. Hmm. Tough life!

I thought I read somewhere yesterday that Love is easy. It’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done. It’s the calmest place in your life, the safest blanket you’ve ever worn. It’s something that happens naturally; it doesn’t need to be fought for day in and day out. If so, how can something that started out giving so much serenity turn out to be a source of nightmare in some cases?

These days, women are unable to afford these expensive qualities in marriage. Of course, everyday can’t be Christmas but women just don’t seem to be able to bear as much as our mothers did back then and it’s something women are proud to flaunt now. When you tell your friends the ‘seemingly’ unbearable things you are facing in your marriage, they never have good words of advice to gear you on.

But what I want to know is, when really do you get to the point when enough is enough? Never? And for what reasons would you never get to that stage regardless of what the situation is? Is it everything that is worth confronting and having a round table discussion about once you feel any form of discomfort in your home?

I once saw a photo quote about how being quiet does not equate to wisdom or was it because she isn’t walking away does not make her wise? I can’t remember how it was quoted but then I thought to myself – What is the defining separation between strength and weakness in a relationship? Is there really a thin line between patience and weakness when it comes to the issues of covenant ties now?

These things becloud me. Can you guys help me understand?

My research leads me here: The entire Bible reveals that power is found in weakness for those who know Christ. The power of God is clearly seen best against the background of human inadequacy. The truth is that our inadequacy may actually prove to be our ultimate qualification in serving God. The Strength of Weakness takes us on a journey through Scripture to show how, time and again, God exhibited his strength through the weakness of people.

Do you guys agree? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “…Thin line between patience and weakness…

  1. The weakest child of God in the hands of God The Father is more powerful than the mightiest sinner…the key is to be weak in God’s hands as He takes us through a season of humility; not being weak under the cruelty and abuse of man and Satan. And being humble isn’t being weak per say, as we would normally define weakness, weakness in humility is more so submission to the hand of God and not fighting His Will.

  2. Typical 2 Corinthians 12:10. God is the one who is made perfect in these helpless situations if only we let Him have His way.

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