The bottom of my pan


What makes the party ‘jollof rice’ tastier than my home made jollof rice?

You’ll be amazed what some coal and spices can do for your food.

You’ll be more blown away at the taste of coal and spices in your meal.

Tendering my spices right just before the cooking starts, ooh! that nutty flavour in my cooking

Everyone loves a well cooked party jollof rice. They can’t seem to get enough.

Yet, do you know who gets the best part of the food?

It’s always the bottom of my pan,

There, all my spices and best flavours lie

I wonder what I would find, if I had to break the bottom of my pan….

2 thoughts on “The bottom of my pan

  1. The bottom of the jollof rice, porridge and the likes pot is always fantastic. I used to love to scrap at it and eat it to my heart’s delight. Its one of the joys of living that has gotten lost in the bustle of life.

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