Relationship horrors


Like seriously? As if life itself does not come with its own many challenges, then you date a monster that makes it worse for you, that’s if he/she didn’t even succeed in taking your one life. Relationship is not by force o, people! Please! I love life, no doubt but the life I will live that won’t make be heaven-bound, I don’t want it.

Just yesterday, I spoke to a junior colleague who seemed desperate for marriage. She had been in her relationship for a while but the boy refused to propose to her because she had never mistakenly gotten pregnant. So she began all sorts of medication and tests just to prove love to this boy. Eventually, she got pregnant – outside wedlock o. It was only then that it dawned on her that this boy is actually forcing her against her beliefs. She said her pastor told her it was a sin and she admitted that she knows but at that point, she had become obsessed with proving to the boy that she could conceive.  Then 3 months into it, she lost the baby. Lobatan.

I was almost forced to shout it into her head that it’s time for her to just move on, away from this boy. Beautiful as you are, hardworking as you are, you shouldn’t be giving some boy power over you to make you change your beliefs or doubt yourself. Now, she says the boys promises he will marry her nonetheless because now, he is convinced she can get pregnant. If I hear. God forbid they get married, they she has a baby and the baby dies, biko, what do you think the man will do?

Marriages face their own share of tough times, hey, tough luck. These things happen but in boyfriend and girlfriend relationship? WTH?! I don’t understand how as a young girl, I will be subjecting myself to a relationship in hell. I have my whole married life to subject myself already. Youthful relationships are for lovers, carefree and beautiful, not full of horrors and unspeakable compromises. What is this craze about enslaving yourself in bondage for the sake of proving love to someone who is just using you to feed his ego or satisfy his manhood? Please, seriously, what is it? Can someone explain it?

This isn’t usually my tone of writing but there’s just a lot of relationship gone bad, assault news in the news these days. The other day, it was a bank manager and her subordinate who broke up and there were pictures flying in the news. Sigh.

There are more than enough horrors in the world already, if your relationship isn’t working for you, being single is not a disease. Period!

I’m almost laughing my ass off with my anger this afternoon but please I’m serious.

Your life is precious. Jesus Christ died for it.

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