I am not my skirt


I am a woman and I love my feminism

I was born a woman and I’m blessed to have come as a woman

I am a woman, not by choice but by divinity

I am peculiar and smart

I am more than just a pretty face

I am not my hair I am not this skin

I am not my breasts I am not my skirt

I am more than these clothes

I must think like a man

I should act like a lady

I have more responsibilities than the children

Don’t deal me dishonorably, all because you think I am my skirt

2 thoughts on “I am not my skirt

  1. Recently i have had to find the inner strength in me and i am glad to say that i am not my challenges, i am not my failings, i am my victories, i am my conquests, for in these my strength is shown, the strength of a woman to which none compares, i think like a woman for a woman is KING.

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