An Undeniable Dilemma


Hi People!

Ladies, get in here.

I got into a conversation with a friend a while back and a series of concerns ensued. Well, like a blogger put it this morning, asking straight forward questions, it’s become imperative to look ourselves in the face and ask ourselves the hard questions.

Would you rather your husband cheat on you with different girls or one main mistress?

Before you start to rage and shout and get upset, think of it this way and answer yourself HONESTLY:
You expect to be married forever and you are getting married at the age of 27 or even 30 to a stud who is 33 or 35. You expect to live till 80, die as Mrs. Stud. In your 50 years of marriage or thereabout, the chances of your husband or even you staying consciously or unconsciously faithful in that marriage is a 50/50 chance. In all situations of life, in the ups and the downs, in your consciousness and unconsciousness, thinking straight or being lured, there is a 50% chance that it may happen in duration of your 50 year old marriage.

Having understood the condition and situation, ladies, would you rather your husband cheat on you with different girls or one main mistress in that moment when/if it happens?

Just asking the hard questions this morning.

Leave me your views and let’s share.

6 thoughts on “An Undeniable Dilemma

    1. Hmm. One. Yes, one is probably better to manage. Picture this: your husband’s side chick becomes his side chick for more than 7years. You’ve been married for 9. That should be assuring right? At least, it’s only been one girl? While one seem manageable, it has it’s down side. 2 or more isn’t safe either. Must it happen at all?

  1. If it’s one then this could be because they are not getting something from their partner which they are now seeking elsewhere however this could easily turn serious because feelings will definitely develop. If it’s many on the other hand then their mind is probably not in the marriage anymore or it could just be greed. For me I think one is manageable cos you can drill down to details but if many he/she may have even lost count and that could be seriously damaging to ones heart/head/health. Either way this is a serious issue.

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