I declare world peace!


From Monday, the topic which has been on my mind to address was God, Religion and Terrorism. My urge to write on this isn’t farfetched. The recent Paris attacks, incessant Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria and various other places around the world has become unignorably disturbing.

While my first reaction to this is to try to understand the beginning of this movement, it has become of a double sided impression on me as to what this is really about. I thought that the birth of this hatred started from the birth of Ishmael following what God said regarding him. The Bible says Ishmael will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. But then what do I know? God is a mysterious God, unquestionable in all His ways.

On the other hand, how do we lamely link God to religion and to terrorism? God is not the father of religion. He claims to be the father of Jesus Christ and all who diligently seek Him. Religion, on the other hand, is what man has coined out as the name of their systematic show of devotion to God. If you ask me, I think religion should be more of a person’s conviction, a relationship rather than a movement. But these days, it has become more of a school of thought, driving motives instead of building relationships based on the conviction of blissful eternity. A lot of people have died and murdered in the name of God and religion. Even Jesus Christ died in the name of God. While I know that is for the salvation of my soul, how do men find it easy to persecute and kill their fellow man all in the name of conviction? Conviction is a personal belief which should, in no way, be inflicted or forced on another.

For all we know, these terrorist attacks have become the latest movement, religion – if you will, that brainwashes a man to die, not for the salvation of the souls of others like Jesus did, but in the aim of killing billions of people in the bid to get the world to forcefully reckon with fear and insecurity to a cause that isn’t quite clear to the me – ‘seize lands and take over the entire Earth?’ For all we know, we have heads of states and world leaders financing and promoting this movement in the bid to force “low-priority countries or regions” as the United States called it, leaving them helpless to form alliance with these terrorists and fostering intimidation across the world.

I don’t know how else to pass across my grievance on the subject of terrorism in the world now but I couldn’t just keep mute on it. We are now in the hands of our Maker. Perhaps, we should all begin to prepare to meet Him sooner than or later. Just saying!

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