Get Smart: Super cute put togethers for the office


Hi People!

It’s a new week. I might not have woken up super excited this morning but hey, it’s nothing a cup of Twinings Green Tea & Orange tea can’t fix. Suffice to say I had an awesome busy weekend thanks to the amazing program at my Church, RCCG MegaChurch Ikeja. It was spiritually refreshing.

Anyhoo, so we all know fashion has evolved and work outfits don’t have to be the boring trouser suit or skirts suits anymore. Thanks to fashion, there are many ways you can wear yourself corporate and chick to work, even if it has to be some sort of suit.

So, I’m brining you some ideas this morning on the must haves in your wardrobe to jazz up your work outfit options. Looking good is serious business and it pays back to invest in your looks. Be mindful, however, that looking beautiful isn’t just about what you apply on your face. It’s the little things you do that matter. So keep in mind that it’s a combination of good diet, exercise, healthy habits with discipline, dancing (it’s one of my favorites) etc is what it entails for me.

For more fashion and combination ideas, here are my two favorite places to go for inspiration. Spree Style Mag and Desire1709 Fashion


Visit their page and be inspired 😉

Cheers and have a chic week.

Buki xxx

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