The Single Market


Hi People!

How’s everyone today? It was on my mind to post on my blog yesterday but between my caffeine overdose and my schedule of work and meetings, I couldn’t quite come around to posting one. Ok, so as much as I was looking forward to the weekend due to some poor health, I couldn’t quite get round to resting well but hey, don’t worry about me. I’m doing fine.

I attended this wedding on Sunday, a Muslim wedding. I’m sure not I’ve attended one of those in years. Anyways, what stayed with me from the wedding is what I want to share. There were a lot of girls at the wedding, apparently single and they all seemed to know each other really well. Their style of dresses and appearance was very suggestive but hey what do I know. People wear all sorts these days. Then I overheard someone say, ‘that’s how a man should know that he is marrying a call-girl’, and right now, I’m putting it mildly. Then it dawned on me. I began to look at all the girls again with the mindset that this could actually be a group of call-girls attending the wedding on one of them. Suddenly, I became uncomfortable to be at that wedding and couldn’t wait to leave. Though I am a mother of two, I have been told time and over that I do not look it so I didn’t want to be mistaken for one in ‘that’ group. I got up and left.

When I got home and till now, I can’t get over the fact that girls are now openly proud to be associated with prostitution. Seriously, there is no shame and the aggression in their mannerism is unbelievable. I thought girls (single girls) attend weddings in to hope or search for eligible bachelors. It sure didn’t seem these girls were interested in portraying such wife-material to ensnare a husband-material.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but please, I need closure on what’s going on on the other side of married life – the single life. Are girls just generally not concerned to portray those calm and wife-material qualities anymore? Or is the single market just getting fiercer these days? I’m glad I’m married and out of that league, otherwise, I’m not sure I would survive in this new generation category. Phew!

But I know, definitely, that there are still some good girls out there but from my perspective from Sunday’s wedding …..tsk tsk tsk! It is well.

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