Wooohooo! It’s Saturday

Hi People,

How’s everyone enjoying the weekend already?

As expected as I has been for Monday to come, the rest of the week, I was looking forward to the weekend. For some reason, my plan for the weekend is just to sleep in. So, I’ve had my double share of sleep so far and I’m thinking if I do make it for another round of sleep before Saturday is over, I doubt my body will be able to repeat the same process tomorrow. So, I’m thinking, a drink out with my girls tomorrow? As I lay in bed, I’m trying to put together a mental picture of what I can put on for a drink out with my girls for drinks tomorrow evening.


Hmm, will this do?:p

Now, all I have to do is ring up my girls and hope they are up for some girl time tomorrow. *crossing my fingers*

Till when I have some pictures again, chao!

Buki xxx

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