Reactions to Linda Ikeji’s NGN600million mansion


Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, just purchased a N600million mansion in the highbrow area of Lagos and suddenly everyone seem to have an opinion of her and of blogging. Like a fellow blogger rightly mention, about 1001 blogs must have sprung up since the news broke out. As if it’s just another form of business. Trust Nigerians, anyway is a way.

On the drive to drop my children to school yesterday, my son asked me, rather out of the blues – ‘mummy what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I smiled. I said to him – ‘I am already grown’. So he asked, ‘so what are you?’ I said to him ‘I am an HR Executive’. He asked ‘so what does that mean? Why aren’t you a doctor or a banker or an engineer?’ And so the conversation continued till I convinced him I was doing what I want to do. Later in the day, his question got me thinking. So what am I? Answer – basically, I am a paid employer (Human Resources Executive) and a blogger. But is that what I’ve always dreamt of as a child?

As far back as primary school, because I considered myself as a loner, I had enough time to imagine, be creative in my imagination, and think about the present as opposed to how I wanted my future to be. First, I knew I wanted to be happy – to create happiness around me that will give me peace of mind and make my happiness complete. I wanted to be a Producer, a Director of sort – producing and directing movies, forming people to shape and character. By secondary school, I was interested in writing pamphlets for my youth department in church which I did, having my father review and edit for me. By year 2001, I scribbled down about one and a half higher education exercise book of my first story in not more than four weeks. It came easy to be because I had been imaginative and knew what I wanted to write even before I wrote it. My father, bless him, got hold of it and had it published behind my back. I have written two more books after that. Because I want to be in control and aware of what I write before I put my pen to paper, I thought of blogging as an easy way to put my writing to use in daily expressions before the inspiration comes for the next book. I have been at this for a little over a year now and I have no regrets. I look forward to bigger and better days in blogging. Perhaps, I might not be what I want to be but I am in line with my dreams even from primary school.

Now a fellow woman has been able hit it in her 30s and everyone suddenly has some sort of reservation about her new acquisition. Some say, ‘which husband will marry her now that she has just stepped up her game? Perhaps only an oyinbo will be able to complete her. She will not be able to submit to a man seeing no one will be able to tame her’. Tame her? Why should anyone want to tame such a talent? The more enlightened mind is thinking ‘I need to step up my game and focus, be motivated by Linda Ikeji’.

In any way, dreams do come true. Just keep keeping at it irrespective of the many diversions that may come your way. Don’t waste your time in the gossip of other people’s downfall, if you must gossip, do it the Linda Ikeji way – make some money!

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