He and I


He wanted me from just the picture of me

He loved me from just the touch of me

He was convinced I am the one and only he would need and wanted no one else

He persisted even when I said I wanted nothing from him

Now after all that is said and done, I became his, to have and to hold forever and ever


Now, I am his and he is mine

I look out for him and he looks out for me, is what I expect in this union

Wanting nothing less than success and promotion for him

After all, they say blessings only double after marriage

I love him regardless, after all, I am his now forever

His happiness is my happiness


Along came a spider that entangled him in its web

Unable to see past his constraint, he is fighting for survival

Yet I am waiting for my love, helpless to rescue him

I wait, hopeful that he will once again be free to be mine

For I am bound to him, in struggles and in comfort, for as long as I live

His wellbeing is my liberation

After all, now I am his’ to have and to hold

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