Guys, please help out – What’s the aim of sex before marriage?


Ok so I read an interesting post on one of my favorite blogs earlier today titled Dating Chronicles; The Sexual Date.

Interesting rant by some dude who thinks he’s master of random sexual dating. Well according to him, he defines sexual dating as – when people date for the sole reason of having sex. You see a girl, your loins are stirred, you want to hit that (and quickly too), you approach her and ask her on a date with the hope that the date would lead to sex. The hitch to this is the feelings being caught either by the hunted (the girl) or the hunter (the guy).

Now, there was the stupidest statement he made about some girl not sexually pleasing him enough to marry. Really? Guys date or sex randomly with the intent of seeking a life partner? I can’t stop laughing. I’m laughing so hard, it’s unbelievable. Hmm. Or perhaps, the joke is on the hunted.

I’d appreciate some enlightenment from other guys in the house please, sexual dating experts and otherwise.

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