Habits of Successful People: Watching Less Television

I am so in agreement with this post. Typical example of less is more.

Dream Big, Dream Often

So we have talked about a lot of things on Dream Big, but no other topic has been more important as it relates to designing your life.  For the habits that we will be discussing please read Habits of Successful People.

The first habit on the list: Successful people watch less than an hour of television per day.  I have written about this in the past, but I will not be going back to that post as I want to provide some fresh information and perspective.  And to stay with the times I am grouping ‘gaming’ in with watching television, which is a life-habit I do not consider productive, unless it is your occupation!

tv_timeThe one tidbit I will share with you is that in the United States, a person that lives to the age of 70 will have spent 15 years, or 127,400 hours, of his/her life watching…

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