Going through the Daily today, one of the things that caught my eyes was the issue of the man Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) is tackling over 25-year wife abuse.

When I saw the 25-year wife, my mind hadn’t processed the thought of how old the woman would actually be until I read through and discovered she is a 63 year old woman. 63 years old! How does one abuse a 63 years old woman? (I shudder) I don’t even want to think about it. This has to stop. STOP ABUSE TODAY. STOP THE VIOLENCE!

I am glad the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team are able to help. Thanks too to the Ben Bruce Foundation for lending their support into the matter. However, one other thing that struck me as a thing of concern is domestic violence is a very frightful thought, deathly even. The fear, the harm, the violation of freedom and rights that this old woman would have been going through for that long period, it’s unbelievable to even comprehend. I really do pray that the government and Ben Bruce Foundation are able to help her get her life and confidence back.

This is also a call to other people going through such tough situations. Reach out before you are silenced forever.

See full story here.

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