Appreciating Teachers all around the world!


I am mother.

I pride myself in being a strong African woman,

Exhibiting all my duties accordingly

Without being weary or slacking in my responsibilities.

To my children, I am a super mom.

But I tire sometimes of the overwhelming responsibilities that lay before me,

Then I have my husband to support me and look after me

Together, we run the home smoothly without loopholes.


Then there are teachers,

Mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters who make the world a saner place.

Never tiring of the responsibilities of looking after and taking care of the children

Impacting unto them the knowledge and courtesy they need to know to tackle life

For teaching us the ABCs of life, we appreciate our teachers

For not sparing the rod, we are indebted to you

For being our guardian when our parents were not there, we love you

For giving us the memories of life and school, we remember you today…

As we appreciate you today on World Teachers’ Day,

We wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day

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