Boat of destiny


A: Do you believe in destiny?

B: I believe that what will be will be.

A: Are you happy?

B: Happiness is a relative emotion.

A: When I was told you agreed to marry me, I was excited. A village girl like me, half-educated, marrying a doctor from the city.

B: A doctor? I’m a lawyer.

A: A lawyer? I must have heard wrongly.

B: What else were you told about me before you agreed to marry me?

A: Hmm, not much. I didn’t ask questions.

B: Do you at least know my name?

A: (smiles). I do

B: What is my name?

A: (smiles). I can’t call your name. I will write it down.
She writes : Dr. Ajit Malhotra


C: We need to find a good boy to marry soon. You can’t continue to take care of me forever.

D: O stop it father. I’m not complaining.

C: I will talk to a few people to find you a worthy suitor.

D: (blushes)

C: If you have someone in mind, this might be a good time to tell me.

D: (smiles)

C: Do I know him? What’s his name?

D: Vickram Dutt. He studies law in the university.

C: I will send for him.


D: If we are to be friends, how shall I address you?

E: Around here, people call me Dr. Ajit Malhotra but you can call me Ajit. What are you doing here alone?

D: I came to get away from some emotional issues back home.

E: Ah! Emotions. It can be a tricky thing to invest in.

D: Have you ever been in an accident?

E: Hmm?

D: Have you ever felt a heart break?

E: Those are two different questions. I have been in an accident. A boat accident. I was with some people, returning from a ceremony from a village and this storm from nowhere came. The last thing I remember, I was trying to hold on but when I opened my eyes, I was alone at the seashore. All the others in the boat were nowhere in sight.

D: I have never been in a physical accident but I too feel like I have been shipwrecked.

E: Perhaps, we can find a meeting place to comfort each other.

D: Perhaps.


B: I am Vickram Dutt, a lawyer. You have been married to Dr. Ajit Malhotra. I have located him for you. I didn’t want to say anything till I was sure your husband survived the boat wreck.

A: What? Are you trying to get rid of me because I am a village girl?

B: My beloved is about to get married to your husband. If you doubt me, take this address and find your husband, Dr. Ajit Malhotra there.


B: Do you believe in destiny?

D: I believe that what will be will be.


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