The many girls like you


Once upon a time, men were proudly the heads of the family. The women were proudly submissive, assured that their men would take care of them. Satisfied and confident in their men, homes were sustained on these simple conventional logic. But these days, demands are high. Expectations have become unattainable. To this end, a lot of simple things have become complicated matters in relationships – be it in courtship or in matrimony.

One of the many problems leading to these unattainable expectations in the first place is the wrongful purpose of seeking a relationship. Ladies, even young men, these days seek partnership based on the wrong assumptions. A lot of people are unhappy in their positions, hence they believe if they have a partner, all their sorrows, anxieties and troublesu will go away. That’s the beginning of a relationship leading to nowhere but the rocks if you are looking to start your relationship in such a basis. Happiness isn’t a 1+1 equation, where your half is completed by another person’s expectations (note, expectations and not the other person’s happiness). Because we all get into a partnership with an expectation. Very few people think about what they are bringing to the table or what they are doing wrong to change the direction off their situation for the better. Not only men have ego these days, even the women, due to so many frustrating factors, are building their egos which is helping them sustain sanity.

For the single ladies, you are not alone. There are many singles like you, who while they are waiting to be Mrs. Somebody, are making their own ways, paving their paths to ensure they have something to contribute. You could say you will get married to the wealthiest man and you do, but things begin to go wrong. Remember, you have said to love in good and bad times. Your thought process during those trying times is not to find a way to remove yourself from the situation, but to something brewing to act as a stop gap for your family till the next big break happens for your partner. Refer to the qualities of a virtuous woman in the book of Proverbs. In waiting for anything, attitude while waiting is also equally as important.

To all the Mrs. Somebody’s. At least you are Mrs. Somebody. The society respects you. All the singles ladies want to be you without caring what you claim to be going through. Keep your mind occupied, stay motivated, be engaged and most of all – never loose your smile. Remember, perseverance and endurance are the prices you need to pay to keep a successful marriage. If you aren’t motivated to keep a successful marriage, at leAst let it be a legacy you want to give to your children. As they grow older, they will realize and be the judge of ‘the situation’ and be grateful to you for the endurance and legacy to built the home upon. Besides, however you by yourself assess your situation,you will realize something peculiar about it. Your situation may be better than better than most other unlucky women out there.

Food for thought: happiness isn’t what you acquire. It’s within you. Exercise it, engage yourself and let no one fool you that your case is a peculiar one.

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