Memoir on Happiness


Hi people!

It’s been a tensed few days for me after 2weeks of holiday. Who would have thought I was coming back home to a tight schedule. Phew!

So my mood too has been up and down, disconnected from my emotions more like because I had to throw myself into work and another activities. Before I go to sleep though, I watch a series of Indian series of which my favorite so some funny reason is Eternal Love. After last night’s series, I was happy. Even my son asked, ‘mommy why are you happy?’

When I got to bed to sleep, my mind roamed around the episode I had just watched my son’s question and why he must have thought I wasn’t happy before then. Then I began to ponder, trying to remember how I defined happiness in my second publication, ‘The Essence of Life’. Before I could remember it exactly, I remembered I once said happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. It’s like a drop of water in a cup, except by some miracle, the water cannot multiply itself to fill the cup. It takes tiny drops to fill the cup. Perhaps, happiness is like that. In as much as it isn’t wise to base your happiness on other people’s influence on you, the truth is most times, when people hurt us, it’s like taking drops of water away from our cup of happiness and when they make us feel good, it’s like adding to the cup of happiness, making us feel cheerful, bright, contented. It is only the joy that comes from God that gives full happiness and takes nothing away or needs no addition.

Conclusion, I need to slow down in the midst of this maddening schedule and appreciate life, enjoy life every day and let my children see it too and not just enjoying relaxation and happiness during holidays.

Wish all my readers happiness always.


Buki xxx

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