A Blessing or A Curse – Choose which you want to be


In a situation where a couple is challenged with the issue of trust, any evil can fester in that home without it even trying to gain grounds. It just settles in comfortably and unforeseen mishaps begin to happen. My father told me once that when a man doesn’t trust a woman, it is pointless to forge ahead with such relationship. Its adverse consequences can range from murder to suicide to domestic violence to any such life-threatening situation. Trust is first and foremost important in a relationship.
Now imagine a situation where such issue has been lingering in a home, not particularly because either of the partner is unfaithful but because of aching issues they have both been unable to sit to iron out amicably. A lady is now being dragged into the situation as agent to foster their issues. The wife begins to think her husband is having an affair with a co-worker and despite their fifteen years of marriage, she is so disrupted about the belief that she files for divorce and the issue becomes the subject of public ridicule.
The woman’s greatest demise now arises as a result of the couple’s inability to have been able to cultivate the habit of sitting to talk things through. The wife is upset, the husband is helplessly silent and unrepentant even though nothing of the accusations are true and the co-worker …
What do you think the reaction of the co-worker, whom supposedly started the issue, should be?

2 thoughts on “A Blessing or A Curse – Choose which you want to be

  1. You know, I was recently reading and came across some writings about marriage, love and trust. A few of the points have stayed with me and I will try to summarize them briefly here –

    No man/woman (especially in a marriage relationship) is 100% responsible for their partner’s happiness, you need to define your own path and choose whether you want to live a happy or depressed life no matter the circumstances – tough right? My take is life is too short to be wasted on depression, there is so much to experience and enjoy…

    Love is not necessarily a feeling, its a choice and its a choice that should not be based on how the other party treats/relates with you, its something similar to what exists between a mother and child – we love them no matter what. Now this may sound somewhat simplistic but remember ” I will use the simply things of this world to confound the wise”…

    Love does not keep records of wrong – this for me is the most important part. How does the disenchantment that come before “falling out of love” start? When he/she hurts the other once; then again and again and again. Now if at every point you get hurt and your partner ask to be forgiven and you truly forgive and (this is the difficult part) forget; you would not necessarily to the point when you lose faith in the person, would you? even the Good Book says “forgive 70 * 7 times” – its a close relative’s favourite bible verse 🙂

    Communication is the bedrock of marriage, you must find a way to do it – nothing to add, nothing to subtract.

    God bless us all…

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