The Scents of my Travels

One of the things I always thought I would do before I kick the bucket which isn’t anytime soon, (lol), is travel the world, taste different exotic cuisines, see the beautiful mountains and awesome valleys, the most serene country sides. Until then though, I keep my dream alive and close. However, I am fortunate to travel a few conventional locations of a starter traveler. Here are of a few things that stayed with me in my travels.
In Ghana, right from the airport, it smells like a more refined home away from my home – fresh breezy with a scent of white in the air. At first glance around me, it looked like what my home should look like – clean, exotic, accessible and refined. But of course, the more you look, the less you see and that’s that.
London! Ahh! Now, that’s my dream destination so far. For a confused introvert like me, I think I want to be alone yet I want to be able to go out at any slightest appearance of boredom – go look at the city, take pictures, shop if possible, window shop mostly, just get on the friendly transport mediums, try a few street foods (I try to look out for the healthy looking ones), then head home in the evenings. This is possible because like I said, their transport system is very tourist friendly. I don’t need anyone to show me the city or wait on anyone to take me out, thanks to the maps. Now, the feel of that – of safety in my lonesomeness is a wonderful scent I want to breathe often.
Now, in ‘God’s own country’, I didn’t feel as easily in sync whether from the airport or in conveyance or with the food or with the air. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It probably also had something to do with destination. Probably.
I am a Nigerian looking to travel the world someday but for now, these are the scents in my travels so far. Wanna share your experience about where you’ve been?

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