Qualifying my knowledge under written scrutiny


The thought of writing exams has always been a nervous exercise for me and most people, I dare to say. For instance, the popular JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) examinations has an infamous high record of failed candidates as opposed to candidates who have smiled out of the examination hall or have actually, on their own, succeeded. In both young and old, how do you really understand and get what I know by subjecting me to an exercise of nervous scrutiny? I might forget what I know or begin to doubt what I know all because I know the examiner is of high expectation, been aware of my every punctuation, answer, opinion and shortcoming.

For instance, in the recently concluded elementary school examination, among the questions for the Reception Class for my daughter was, “What do you use to clean the classroom?” There were four lines to fill their answers. My daughter got one option wrong. When I asked her the question again, she answered me, giving me four right options. Sometimes, you might not be on top of a subject because you don’t like the teacher, because you feel pressured, or maybe you just forget or the right answer slips your mind at the time. Does that necessarily qualify you to be of less position or grading than your result or score card presents you?

Every day, in everything you do in life, is an examination as far as I’m concerned. Education is just a pathway to present you with how to deal and be ready for life anyway. The little things you do and the way you present yourself and how you are perceived is the ultimate score card, not some one hour written assessment. Unfortunately though, in life, this is the only way we are ever truly judged – by exams, by interviews, by assessments but do they really give the true unrehearsed perception of people or a situation?

Food for thought.

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