Excerpt: That scent that haunted me so!


I wish I could say “I’ll see you soon then”, like the trademark statement in the movie, Dear John, but it’s over now. I began to perceive John’s scent everywhere yet I knew it couldn’t be him. His scent wasn’t a popular one. John smelled exotic; I still don’t know how to explain it. It was fresh, – yes, the smell of rose water and glycerin; that smell I had come to know so well. The scent of it on his pillow in the morning was bracing. It was the scent of love as of the haunting smell of a baby’s powdered skin.

“Dance with me”, I had asked, giving him my hand. Our favorite song was playing on the stereo in him room. He came to me and took my hand, his eyes never leaving mine. He put his arms around my thin waist. I exhaled as his arms around me sent sweet sensations down my spine. I wrapped mine around his shoulders, never taking my eyes off his. I wanted to remember this moment forever.

I know that it’s late, and maybe I shouldn’t be so into you It’s just that tonight, I am so taken I’m fallen for you When I look in your eyes I can see a million possibilities And I know you’ll be leaving me soon, but tonight

Come a little bit closer, let me hold you baby I will be good to you, and we can try to forget tomorrow Make it last forever tonight

We had enjoyed our last moments together, only to receive the maddening shock of the rest of my life:

My Sweet thing … Being without you hurt in many ways I would never find words to describe … I could tell you I would wait for you and mean it … But … to disappoint you would be my heart’s demise I respect what we had … But it has to come to an end now …I hope you understand. John.

What we had … I respect what we have and for that sake, I will stay away and pray we never meet again. And as for me, I will pray that in another life I will find you and by then I would know how to fight – for what I believe in, for what I want and fight to have you be mine.

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