What is worthy might not be dear and vice versa.

In my book, The Essence of Life, and from the insights and researches I did back then in 2006, it was apparent to me then that the highest calling of man is to realize his purpose in life and to fulfill it while he is still able to make an impact. In this way, when you know what you are supposed to do, you won’t sweat too long before you begin the journey that brings you nearer to your life’s worth.

Now, what is worth? Of what value is something we consider worthy? According to Oxford Dictionary, something is considered worthy when it is deserving or having sufficient esteem or merit. It can also be a distinguished or eminent person. What then is the classification for merit or value? Perhaps something of high rating? Something of good commendation? What sort of things are of worth and high commendation to you in life?

When someone lays down their life for you and would do anything for you like Jesus did even when you didn’t know him, before you were born, He has already put Himself in a place deserving of prestige, honor, reference and reverence in your life. Whether you like it or not that singular act is worthy of your devotion, love and service. What else is deserving of worth in your life? Family perhaps? Something or anything of which you have made an agreement or promise to do or not to do a particular thing. When you have given your word, it deserves your dedication, devotion, through thick and thin to ensure that you deliver and come through.

Humans though! We are, by nature, quick to forget. We forget the essential worth that brings meaning and beauty to our lives and we begin to formulate other tangible things and make them idols dearer to our hearts than the things of actual worth.

For instance, Jesus Christ might be worthy of love, devotion and service but is He dear to your heart? Your family might be worthy of these but are they dear to your heart? Perhaps, you’re too busy chasing the wind and before you know it, those things of which you would easily throw valuable relationships and intangible things away for, would as easily deny you as you have of the things that matter. Realize and be sure of the things that matter, of the things that are of high importance in your life and treat them as deserving as they ought to be. Bring them close to your heart and keep them dear there. Remember, after all that is said and done, when all the tangible things perish, the intangible is forever. Relate this to your situation and make that turnaround if it applies.

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