Food, shelter, clothing! When I was in Elementary school, I was taught that these were life’s basic things which man needed to survive/function/live, take your pick. These things are truly essential. God forbid we didn’t have these things to keep body together -it would be disaster, death maybe. But my thought this afternoon is, which among these basic things is most important?

Clothes are more than an apparel for wearing, they are a covering to protect from radiation of heat, chills of cold and to dignify the human body.

Food is any substance that can be consumed in order to sustain life. It is far from luxury or an item for lifestyle show-off.

Shelter is a place of protection, safety from an outside danger or impending danger if you will.

Clearly, each one is a form of safety, protection and a life sustaining element.

Now, if you had very limited last-card to provide one for yourself, which would it be? And i’m not talking to those who have tons of clothes or pantry full of foodstuff and houses all across the globe. I’m asking you with the mindset that you just happened to have that lucky cash to provide one of these for yourself, which would it be? Would you buy a piece of clothing to cover yourself from the harsh weather? Or buy that delicious bread without butter that’s been getting you drooling as other people buy and tell the seller to forget the change? Or find shelter to get yourself off the street and away from harassment?

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