The Diet Frenzy


Ok so, dieting!

It seems to be all over the place now. The craze about it has over the past few years heightened more than what Nigerians have been used to. Now, the exposure is even more accessible and everyone seems to be claiming they are on diet – is it a club association thing? I don’t get it.

Anyways, so back in 2013, I put myself on a diet because I went from a size 10 to a size 16 with all sorts of health hazards – arthritis, lymphedema, fatique, laziness and a few other inconveniencing accomplices. My doctor didn’t recommend it but I needed to do it to keep myself healthy if I wanted to live a healthy long life. I did loose 12kg eventually with the help and fruits, protein and vegetables with lots of rest and minimal but regular exercising. At the time, I needed it. After a while, I began to indulge in a few other unnecessary nutrients. When it was beginning to look like I couldn’t keep up after a year and a half, I resulted to pills, body shapers and other extreme measures. Oh boy! The horror.

While teas and keeping to the fruits and vegetable diet might be good, too much of it isn’t good and did I mention it isn’t easy to continue? Meanwhile, it isn’t sustainable to you as well. Eventually, fatigue and tiredness will creep in and laziness begins again on another level.

The body shapers are another interesting bit that’s gone even more viral now as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian use it. While it gives you that perfect shape underneath your close and apart from the scary image you see below, from experience, I can tell you it’s not exactly safe and healthy for your system. It does disrupt your system and alters your function. I don’t want to imagine the side effect for those that haven’t had babies.


Less is more. If you must trim down, do some protein, fruits, vegetables, tea, a little convenient exercising, rest, plenty of fluids, healthy fluids, not fizzes and alcohol and most importantly, rationing your meals. Spread them out in little portions for about 5 times during the day. Don’t overdo yourself and don’t force it.

Everything in moderate. Stay in tune with your body too – it’s important.

3 thoughts on “The Diet Frenzy

  1. Buki, we are generally looking for quick fixes, and so people goo all out and do stuff even when it doesn’t make sense. One thing I dont do is crash diet, I am also unwilling to wear corsets – my only shape wear is spanx. Thats the limit. I exercise as regularly as i can and eat mostly what i want.

  2. After my first child i ballooned up to a size 18 from my original size 10. I felt really horrible after seeing a group picture where i looked like i was able to gobble up my friends. I exercised, dieted and bought a waist trainer. After 2 days i ditched the waist trainer, stuck to the exercise and diet and was able to return to a size 12. The picture above scared me, definitely never wearing a waist trainer again.

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