I am proud of my achievement


Beyond this time last year, I had been thinking of birthing a blog. I had written and published a few books, Double Jeopardy in 2004, The Essence of Life in 2006, and most recently an ebook on Amazon – Noise of the Market in 2013.
Quite honestly, writing is what I love to do but there are lots of things that go into making a book acknowledged and bankable, if I should say. So I thought it might be easier for me to get my stories and thoughts out there faster as opposed to waiting for publications to bring in sales.
So I took matters into my own hands and started this blog and it has been managed, designed and published all by myself with progressive inputs from family and friends. So here I am, exactly a year later and WordPress is the first to wish me happy anniversary. I am humbled and encouraged to take this to a new level (God help me).
I hope to continue to serve and be useful to my fans and readers.
Cheers to me!

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