Happy Fathers’ Day


Happy fathers’ day to all the dads in the world stepping up the plate. After all, a dad isn’t a dad until he’s got the 3 Cs – Character, Competence and Connection.
Raising a family isn’t an easy task, trust me, even from the sit of the help mate, I know how tough it can be some times. Children are a blessing to have but it can also be a schooler which doesn’t come with a manual. This is why a dad won’t be complete with Character, Godly Character, if I may add. This is necessary to coordinate the family, lead them in the right way so it becomes a legacy to be a excellent character always.
It’s not just a thing of next level in life. Deciding to start a family takes more than “Because it’s the next thing to do, after all I have a job, my own rented apartment and a car”. Owing to responsibilities has to do with maturing in the act of Commitment. Responsibilities will arise, when you plan and the ones that are unplanned. It takes focus, maturity and will to stay committed to the course, to your wife and the kids. Any fool out there can father a child but being a dad to your kid takes more than impregnating a woman.
And last but not least, nothing keeps a dad more in the know, living in the moment, experiencing and enjoying your family truly than Connecting with everyone on their unique level. No two kids are the same, you need to get to know your kid, what motives them, what inspires them and how to bring out the best in each of them. You can’t claim you love your kids and want the best for them without loving their mom. You need to show love, appreciation and empathy to the mother of your children. Genuine love for your family is key as a dad.
That’s why we love you right back. As we celebrate fathers’ day today, we urge you to be better today than you were yesterday.
Happy fathers’ day

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