Taking a decision


Ladies, get in here. Men, your inputs too are appreciated.
A couple have been married for 10years or there about. They’ve held on through the good and the bad times. Starving together, praying and waiting for a breakthrough. So many years down the line, they may not be where they want to be but they aren’t exactly where they want to be but they seem contented and proud of their struggles.
Out of the blues, the wife is flawed with a shocking revelation that her husband has either been having a secret affair or worse still has impregnated some other girl/woman. Naturally, she would furious. How she chooses to express herself is entirely up to her, even though the public would expect her to react in a certain way within the shortest time possible. Time to take a decision.
Now, my question is/are: after having spent (not wasted) so many years with her husband, would the right decision be to leave her husband for the girl? Wouldn’t that have been the initial intent of the girl? If so, wouldn’t she have won? If the girl didn’t entirely intent to fully possess the husband, would it be fair to the wife to still hold on to another woman’s reject when in fact she was all along the rightful owner which her husband disrespected?
Staying or leaving? It’s decision time. What to do?

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