Rules of this City


“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he”. . . “For where there is no law, there is no transgression”. The Holy Bible says that. I can’t say I’m an ardent follower of the holy book but I try to do right by it. I also have the major part of me who deviced a means of an imaginary Supreme watching over me so while people may be going one way, if I have a strong conviction and a disapproval by my Supreme, I won’t go with the crowd. So it helps to have some background rule at everything, just to be sure I’m not transgressing in any way.

So in moving from a city like Lagos, where although there are hundreds and laws and rules, there is almost still no law and order, to a city as serene as the FCT, the serenity is so fearful I definitely need some guidance to comply in this city. So I’m looking around, searching for the ground rules of this city so I don’t break the rules, so I don’t become a scapegoat unto a punishment of which I know not of. But I found nothing or maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places. I asked but the answer I received was ‘there are no ground rules’. Really? No rules, no peculiar law to any city?

During my visits to London, Italy and America, it was much easier to just follow what the natives do so as not to get in trouble. And not totally like the natives anyway because they might just easily be excused of their faults. Tread with caution is always the watchword.

So, really, how do you know what’s acceptable and what’s a taboo in a foreign land? Shouldn’t there be some kind of accessible guidance to the law?

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