Women are foolish!


– Women are foolish.

Women are not foolish –

– How can you say women are not foolish? In all things, they are foolish

In what way? –

– Women are foolish. When a woman marries, she becomes foolish. She leaves the comfort of her father and mother’s home to risk the gamble of living with a stranger, takes up his name and her life is forever in submission, owned by her husband. The same husband who, if he desires, can take one, two or more wives just because he can – just because he is the head of the family, unquestionable in his decision. Whereas, if a woman dares it, she automatically becomes society reject, even to her fellow women. Women, too, who are quick to judge each other don’t help matters. If, perchance, she vexes and returns to her parents’ house, her parents too want nothing of it. They send her back into that very den that has been eating her happiness, her smile, her joy and her lifespan. And so she returns, bears one child, two children, three, four and she becomes the cast in her own home, not to be honored or reckoned with. She carries the children, each for 10months, weighing down her body, her posture and her confidence. Yet after having those children in whom she bore in hard labor, labor which almost claims her life, she backs the children each for 3 years. Those children she carried alone, bore alone, now she is unconditionally willing to give them another person’s name – they become her husband’s. God forbid the devil comes in between the man and wife and the husband sends the wife packing without her children, after waiting hand and foot on her husband, another wife comes in, to reap where she did not sow, to maltreat and abuse the children. Now, which man will want another man’s reject, after 4 children? God forbid. Now you see that women are foolish.

Hmm. Are they? Women are not foolish. It’s the circumstances they find themselves that makes them foolish. For her children, a woman will do anything, take anything.

– Isn’t that a miserable life?

Perhaps in future, if she lives long enough, she will reap the benefit of her foolishness. –

No wonder William Golding said in his work, Lord of the Flies, “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”

Now you decide, are women foolish or wise?

7 thoughts on “Women are foolish!

  1. Hmmn… I don’t think women are foolish in taking up another man’s name, bearing his children , and the general package that comes with being married. The foolishness comes with the submission to societal expectations at the expense of the woman’s own intuition (which is almost always never wrong) and well-being.

  2. Only one question. Is the woman that comes to reap where she did not sow, not foolish as well? Lol.

    I think women should just not try to be anything other than just women. The simple fact that they go around with their feminism talking about how much more they can and should be is just them publicizing their level of weakness.
    If a woman wants to rule she should just go ahead and do it. There is actually no one on earth that is against it.

    I’m personally of the point of view that women are of more value. I just wish they saw that value themselves. I digressed

    Women aren’t foolish, it’s just life. Things are the way they are. And it never really has to suck for them. Unless they have a horror of a husband. Then the foolishness would be… choosing him.

  3. Women are indeed foolish. But its a foolishness we cant help and one we are condoned to accept. Our foolishness can turn out for good or for bad, like a child who jumps believing her dad will catch her. He might and he might not. It is at the point of impact or embrace that the foolishness crystalises. It becomes either a foolish good move or a foolish bad move.

  4. Women are not foolish for getting married. It”s one of the reasons why they were created.
    They become foolish when they end up with a horrible selfish husband . They are even more foolish if they chose to listen to what others will say instead of using their brains. What others thinks about you or say shouldn’t matter because, you are responsible for your own happiness and peace of mind.

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