Open Marriage in Nigeria?


Ok so I came across the really interesting topic on Linda Ikeji’s blog about this supposed spinster having had it up to here with all the cheating spouses and how women are at most times on the receiving end to its bitter aftertaste, read it here:

It got me wondering, well, not all so suddenly but if marriage was a term contract of say, 6months minimum, renewable if the partners concur, would the gory tales still be as high as we hear them? Would there still be domestic violence, knowing well that you might be ruining your chance of being with this woman/man (let’s humour the men) who would do anything for you? I don’t have all the answers but maybe violence rate might be higher knowing or living in fear that this man/woman will leave me after a while for someone else? For those who are intolerable and violent and possessive and sick, that is. But really, I think it might be good for some people. Liberating them from a lifetime of misery and hurt. Our Nigerian society even makes it worse with all sorts of binding expectations.

Passing a bill for open marriages, on the other hand, hmm, dunno if it’s for Nigeria but that’ll be giving too much room for dirt and by dirt, I mean, diseases, immorality and the likes. Whereas, if it were to be a term contract, perhaps after one or two chances, some people might resign the notion and resolve to living their lives happily single, maybe with one or two children and no further bondage. Afterall, if husband no dey, at least pikin must dey. No be by force.

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