Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – Still Expecting a sequel?


I am a sucker for movies, good movies. I love to listen to music, read a good write up and go to the cinemas. The effect of seeing a movie on the big screen, uninterrupted by children’s noise is awesome. What’s more? My husband thinks I get wet once I see a fine block on the big screen and boy, has it got that right. 🙂

One of the movies I was glad I didn’t miss in 2010 is Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Seeing Jake Gyllenhaal buff in the Asian sunset, the thought of it alone still gives me the ‘awwww’ effect. It is sexy as hell (even though I know there’s nothing sexy in hell or about hell). Hehehehe!

However, I waited earnestly for a sequel, “Prince of Persia: Reign of the Sexies” or something. Hahahaha! Don’t mind my suggested title but seriously, the way the movie ended, I expected a sequel. I am kinda let down nothing’s been out since then but I’m still expectant. Let someone who knows someone who knows the director get to work on this.


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