Have responsibilities grown bigger than men or are men increasingly failing to take (full) responsibilities?


The world we live in now is so so different from what our parents lived – a world where bulk of the men worked and took pride in providing and fending for their families – a world where women delighted in taking care of the children and were satisfied in what the men provided – a world where the children know to meet daddy for their needs and asked mummy to help talk to daddy to provide – a world where there were peace, sanity and pride. But now, responsibilities and roles haven’t only changed, they have intertwined and it’s gotten the family confused. A confused family, in most cases, aren’t the happiest families. You can find strife, anger, stress, frustration in families were limits and strengths are tested all the time.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and the topic was similar to what a colleague had complained to me about earlier that day which is the recurring song on the lips of most women these days. The men have simply abandoned their responsibilities to their wives, first and foremost, and as such left most things in the house to their wives to cater to.

Men, please know that when a woman chooses to help out once, twice and even for more than 20 times, it doesn’t automatically become her responsibility to do your part of the deal. Your responsibility is your responsibility. It becomes dangerous for you to feel comfortable to leave your duty permanently to your wife. Even if she is working, for all you know, you could be eating from another man’s sweat. Think about it.

The designed role of the woman is to primarily take care of the children and the home, effectively managing the resources the man provides. The role of the man is to take full responsibility for his family. Simple and clear roles. But when the woman begins to share in the man’s responsibilities, the man still expecting to meet the home and food in tact at home at all times with ‘night’ benefits, isn’t that asking too much? Are you responsible for being in the kitchen and getting the kids ready for school, if so, that I guess you should expect your wife to assume your role. Otherwise, you are a lazy man who ought to be ashamed. Yet you are in the class of men who demand total submission, respect and loyalty from your wife.

I heard an old folksong recently which says, “

I love my daddy, I love my mummy, I love my daddy, mummy

Mummy pray for me

Daddy provide for me

I love my mummy, daddy

Men, please help women understand this new negligence. Otherwise, please learn to cut your coat according to your size. J

One thought on “Have responsibilities grown bigger than men or are men increasingly failing to take (full) responsibilities?

  1. I think its sheer laziness and laxity on the part of men who allow their wives to bear their burdens even when they can do better. Its disheartening to witness men hoarding their funds and still expecting to eat and drink at home to their fill. They neglect to pay school fees and feel no shame. We need re-orientation badly.

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