What’s the craze about low sugar anyway?


Ok so in recent times, it’s become a trend in Nigeria, or so Nigerians think – The preference for ‘low-sugar.
I would have thought the idea behind the consumption of sugar was to feel it caress your tongue, satisfy your desire for some easy energy boost, curb binges, among other sweet advantages. But it seems more and more people are becoming health conscious which is good but can easily also be mistaken for a sugar high, a popular but scientifically disproven belief that consumption of sugar-containing food or beverages can lead to temporary hyperactivity and other myths about sugar consumption.
While dietary and lifestyle consciousness can reduce the chances of health complications, it is not 100% effective in eradicating your health challenges.
I don’t want to be perceived as advocating for more sugar consumption – I don’t own a sugar plantation anyways – but I see these emphasis on ‘low-sugar’ in almost l consumables these days and I’m wondering, is there really any such thing as low sugar? Get your facts right, your favourite low-sugar drinks still have as much sugar in them but diluted in more water to make you taste “less sugar”. Besides, you can’t totally eradicate sugar from your diet. You need it. Just be moderate in all your doings. So…
Set your own trends – diet and lifestyle and don’t let anyone fool you into buying thousands or even hundreds worth of something in the name of low-sugar. Good brands and standards can’t be devalued on such capitalization.
Did I just make sense though?

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