Beauty at Dawn


When he told her the most beautiful time of his day was when he watched her sleep, she couldn’t imagine how raw she must of being in her sleep.

When he told her she was most beautiful when she wakes up, she couldn’t imagine how crude her face must have been.

Yet, all through her day, she strived to make his day beautiful with expensive gifts and sophisticated looks. His highlight remained that he would watch her sleep the next day and be the first to be graced with her untainted God-given beauty.

She wouldn’t believe he won’t be drawn by all those other women who painted and crafted their faces and appearances with expensive names. Until one dawn, she smiled as she awoken to see him watching her in the chair opposite the bed as usual. She got up and walked over to him and planted a kiss on his lips. She waddled into the bathroom and as she turned on the tap to slash water on her face, she almost couldn’t recognise the fair damsel who stood starring back at her. Flawless, oil-free, transparent skinned face. The fuzziness of her hair made its kinkiness more seductive.

She had picked at her hair and inspected her face and was lost in the person starring back at her till she noticed his frame in the mirror beside the beautiful stranger.

She turned to him and he said, ‘Now you see the Beauty who captured my heart’.

3 thoughts on “Beauty at Dawn

  1. Sweetness mixed with love and more sweetness. Words that transform, words that inspire, words that create a world of hope and contentment in you. Oh to be new at this, if i could exchange money for it i would. Just to hear the words that created my eden.

    Buki stop making me write nonsense jo. lol

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