Embarrassing Problems


This is a disgusting topic to even address, if I do say so myself. But we all do it at one point or the other, even the Queen of England. Hehehe.
But I REALLY can’t stand farts. Yes, no doubt once in a while its permissible otherwise you would need to seek medical attention but a lot of it all day long or worse still, when it becomes a habit, you most definitely need medical advice as well. Farting consistently is due to bacterias in your lower abdomen which is causing this irritable reactions. It’s disgusting, irritable, smelly and definitely embarrassing.
Well, like burping, on the other hand, can be seen as the flip side of farting, I really can’t tell which is more disgusting. But at least, even some diet or slimming foods can cause expelling of inconveniencing gas from the bowel.
Either way, it does less harm to people around you if you would excuse yourself the next time you feel a fart or burp coming up or down. Lol.
I’ve just had this on my mind for a while and I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know what your take is on farts and burps.

2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Problems

  1. Hmmmmmm i have become so used to my husby’s fart that i just laugh when he lets one rip. I guess you are not married to a fart or burp expert. lol

    1. LOL. I could never get used to my husband’s fart. Never! It’s disgusting.
      Once, after my second baby, I was farting a lot. I told my husband I think something is wrong and he looked at me strange, like isn’t that a normal human thing? I spoke to my gynecologist and she also said I should not worry about it until I was personally convinced it couldn’t be healthy. I started a diet program and it’s been a turn around progress story.

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