The moment Nigeria decided


The rush of adrenaline, the debates on the lips of Nigerians, the hope of a better Nigeria, the uncertainty of desired change – yet we knew we needed to decide. We yearned for change …. CHANGE FROM THE CORRUPTION AND INSURGENCE ravaging our land among other things. It wasn’t so much a case of shift in parties but a conviction of the delivery the people need.

March 28th, the people decided despite the corrupting influence of the so-called agents of ‘change’. It was evident the people know what they want for the better good of Nigeria, for our children. We casted our votes and for the first time in the history of Nigeria, an incumbent was overthrown. A votes counted and there is the first evident of change.

The work is just beginning. The task and assignments lay frightfully before us but we stand by our decision and pray to God that every other thing aligns to change we voted for.

God bless Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “The moment Nigeria decided

  1. Imagine what the situation would have been telling if the incumbent had been trusted to continue to lead us blindly, only because ‘he is christian’, ‘he is the lesser evil of the 2 major options’. At least, now we know cupboards will be cleaned out and we can forge ahead on an objective slate

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