My Vote, My Choice




Politics and it’s dirty tactics, can it ever be otherwise? In a country like Nigeria, it’s getting dirtier by the election.

It’s another election in a few weeks and efforts are put into all sorts of scams, violence, lies, false manifestos and “God-knows-what”.

To whom it may concern, don’t educate me about what anybody can or will not do for me. My mind is made, my vote is my chioce regardless of what you think, regardless of the videos and films going viral.

To INEC, don’t deprive me of casting my vote. My vote is my right.

The world is watching. Nigeria, I pray to God that we do this one right, somehow.

One thought on “My Vote, My Choice

  1. Very confusing, as none is better than the other. Each one comes with a load of baggage difficult to bear.

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