The Hold of Music


So you know how music, loud pounding music, has become an awareness and publicity stunt in Lagos now? Well, maybe in other parts of Nigeria as well but the experience on Allen Avenue in Ikeja-Lagos is quite interesting actually. It keeps me company in rush-hour traffic jam during my drive home. So the other day, I wound my windows down to listen to the music from outside instead of the listening to Gbemi talk on my radio and it was Olamide’s “Story for the gods” that was playing outside. Now, as an adult, I hadn’t heard this song until about two months ago. I deliberately listened to it after my baby sister told me if I didn’t know who Olamide is or know the latest songs; I am a confirmed “old school”. I don’t mind being “old school” but I wanted to know what the songs were about that I was missing so much. So I listened to a few new songs and of all, I am most in love with Asa’s “Eyo”. Maybe partly because it kind of captures the essence of my latest work, “Noise of the Market”. (You can view it on – search Noise of the Market by Adebukola Ayodele-Alamu)

Anyway before I forget what really inspired this spot, I the music came to me in my car, I looked out at that time and what did I see? I saw a child, must have been between eight to ten years old, singing “…I want to do shina today…”. My jaw dropped. I mean, for a girl of that age, is that right? Is that normal? “I want to do shina today”? Does she know the meaning of those words? O what a world! What adulterated music will cause in this generation, not even parents will be able to curb it. Yet some parents delight in their children knowing these songs, dancing to them at parties and causing more confusion to my “old school” mind. Or am I overreacting?

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