Is Christianity Folly? Rational and Practical Works, right?


So I was at church the other day, being the first Sunday of 2015, lots of people dressed in fancy clothes were in attendance. I guess perhaps with the expectation of catching fresh blessings for the year first hand. The pastor comes up with his sermon titled “Victorious Christian”. While he preached, he made some prophetic declarations and the congregation eagerly chorused “AMEN”. “Whether the devil likes it or not, you will be victorious in 2015”. “AMEN”. “I see many opportunities coming your way in 2015”. “AMEN”. “That project you have been struggling with for years will be completed in 2015”. “AMEN”.

After I too said “AMEN”, I wondered if it didn’t seem all too impractical. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian by choice and conviction and not by birth so I pretty well know where my faith and beliefs lie. But like I studied in Philosophy, believing everything you hear won’t get you good grades in life. Question everything questionable and I love to do that. My mind grew in curiosity for being and possibility. Perhaps it also fueled my creative thinking. But no matter how philosophy proved to be pragmatic, full of critical thinking and justification by science by the larger school of thought, Rene Descartes acknowledges God as the unquestionable God, the unchangeable Changer. But even the bible says “faith without good works is dead”. I’m not sure if any prophecy has worked for me except the ones I received in my personal relationship with God by conviction and direct communication. I believe that when a prophecy is declared, what we do in that ‘waiting’ period from when the prophecy is given and when it comes to manifestation is very key. Staying in faith, avoiding anything that might change the mind of God concerning His good will for you is important. Believing a prophecy in the name of going to church and wanting it so bad doesn’t actually qualify it to come to manifestation. I believe this isn’t preached enough in churches, thereby leading people to indulge in a lazy Christianity, wanting everything by word and not exactly working for it.

This is where the issue of being rational and practical comes in for me. A friend of mine hardly goes to church because she believes people are only being brainwashed in the church. Working hard for her money all to give it away to pastors in the name of offerings, tithes and first fruits are all but ridiculous madness to her. Instead if she feels like giving things away, she would give away to charity. Working hard, strategizing, planning and saving are watchwords for her, not some divinity working out her salvation.

I believe even life isn’t possible without God’s grace. At the same time, some level of planning, strategizing, working hard and saving is required for prophecies of victory to come true. What do you think?

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