Ah, What Pleasure!


The thought of pleasure brings smoothing sensation into my being. I can’t stop moaning in bliss of this feeling that isn’t short of heavenly ecstasy. A few things readily come to mind when talking of pleasures of heavenly ecstasy (wink). After all, pleasure is a broad class of mental states experienced or said to be a positive, enjoyable or something worth pursuing. In other words, it is a relative term that varies with persons. But, the one I most recently experienced and wish to share is the pleasure of having my head massaged at the salon. Ahhh! The bliss of it. Even my brain felt caressed. I wanted to be like that for a while longer. I almost immediately remembered the feeling of having an orgasm when the hairdresser began to stroke my head in the right places, the places that itched so bad, and it caused me to shut my eyes and fantasize I was having more than just a hair wash. What brings you pleasure? Do share.

2 thoughts on “Ah, What Pleasure!

  1. Buying shoes. Trying it on, walking about and having it caress my feet. Taking it home and having it grace my shoe rack. Absolute bliss

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