Happy New Year!

new year

Happy New Year Everyone! Wooohooo!

It always is exciting to come into a new year, with all its new opportunities, excitements, expectations and resolutions. Suffice to say I think New Year resolutions are darn overrated. I remember back in the day when my sisters and I sat diligently putting pen to paper, cracking our heads for unrealistic New Year resolutions. Unrealistic in the sense that before the end of January, we probably wouldn’t find the book or paper we wrote them in. That’s how unrealistically impractical it is. So anyway, this is a New Year and personally I can’t think of a better place to be than in the presence of God, allowing myself to be ushered into the New Year. It might be a cliché but it is one cliché I believe in with my life because in the presence of God, there is repentance, forgiveness, newness of life, rebirth of hopes and joy. In the fellowship of the gathering of brethren, there is a common purpose of praise and worship. And when people raise their hands in worship, anything can happen.

I often wondered what it means or what went through people’s minds when they raise their hands in worship and begin to cry. Don’t get me wrong, I have been in that position too, a lot of times actually. And for different reasons at different times, I have shed my fair share of tears. I cry perhaps when I’m emotional from all my flaws and yet I have the opportunity to come to Him in repentance. I cry from recounting and appreciating the amazing things I know I do not deserve but He gives me anyway. I cry from realization of the majesty of God, the awesomeness of who is He.

I am glad I got to experience that serene moment in the first hours of 2015. Now, I believe it’s going to be a year filled with billboard sized testimonies all the way. Wooohooo!

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