Happy Birthday Jesus


Woohoo! That’s how excites I feel when its days before my birthday. I can’t keep it to myself; I have to tell everyone around me so they can maybe share my excitement and prepare to give me gifts to grace my occasion. And finally, on that day, the d-day, my birthday, it’s about no one else. Just me – and I don’t want that day to end. And even if I don’t get any gift, I want to share something with the people around me, giving them a token of celebration so they can rejoice with me.
If I feel this excited about my birthday, I wonder how majestic Jesus Christ feels on his birthday every year. As I think my birthday is about no one else but me, Jesus only had one intention in mind when he came to be born as a Carpenter’s son in a lowly manger and that intention is me. How important I must be for a heavenly Lord to be born only to be put to death for my sins. In appreciation, as I celebrate Christmas, I will put aside my worries and my fears, I will put aside my concerns and my doubts and be grateful and be merry for the reason for the season. Jesus is the reason for the season. I decide it’s not about me, it’s not about the things I have or the things I don’t have. It’s not about the people in my life or the strangers who surround me on Christmas day. It’s not about how cheap my Christmas gift is or if I get a gift at all. It’s about sharing the excitement of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The excitement is witnessing another Christmas, the excitement in giving, the excitement in the season – the weather, the lights all over the city, the rush and common expectation of people to be merry during Christmas. I have decided it’s going to be a day to reminisce about the love of Christ for me and nothing else. After all, it’s his birthday, not mine yet he gave me the first and best gift – LOVE.

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