Another Ordeal of a Married Woman


I met my husband as a third year student trying to register at the Faculty. He wouldn’t stop looking at me. His gazing made me uncomfortable and I look down at him for he wasn’t my type. I was used to rolling with sugar daddies which he later came to know and accepted me for it. I didn’t carry myself any lower than I did the first time he met me because even after he had decided  to have me as I was, I didn’t want to be later talked down at for it. However, he paid a high price for choosing to be with me. You see, I had contracted an STD which I wasn’t aware of. Yet when he slept with me, the intense effect of the STD began to affect his erection so much so that he is still on medication from time to time. We dated nine years and have been married for seven. We have two beautiful girls together. We started well but in the course of the event of our lives, a lot has changed and I have had to juggle through a lot to keep useful to myself and my family.
Like I said, I have been married for seven years but my husband has only been mine for two years. There is this other lady at his office that he’s been dating for five years so technically I’ve been consciously sharing my husband with this other lady. This same lady was married but couldn’t stay married just after a year. She got a divorce from her husband because she was convinced that my husband is the one for her. And true to her machinations, she is still with my husband.
She has my husband so wrapped around her fingers that he sees everything wrong in me; in what I do, in how I look, even in my character. He told me once that he would no longer make love to me and I didn’t argue to ask why. It wasn’t the first time he was changing the norm with us. he even goes visiting family and friends with her and a few of them have called me to ask if we were no longer together out of shock of my husband’s effrontery. He spends the night out with her and come home the morning after or even days. He brought her a few times into our home and had sex with her on our matrimonial bed when I wasn’t in town. That was three years ago and he promised it would never happen again. Now, my knowledge of their relationship and my inability to do anything about it has made him even bolder about her. After church every Sunday, he would change into something trendy, have lunch and immediately he goes off to her. I know this, I know where he is going to yet I am powerless to do anything about it.
But I pray. I can wake up and stay up all night praying. I do forty days, twenty-one days fasting because I believe the day God will arrest the situation is coming. Until then, I take it all in good stride.
Hmm, now, honestly, is this the right attitude to salvage this type of situation? Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the power and awesomeness of God but I also believe faith without works is dead. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Another Ordeal of a Married Woman

  1. You mentioned that this lady contracted an STD that affected the guy at some point in their relationship. If that’s so then there might be a possibility that the guy finds his wife repulsive because he hates her for bringing a terminal STD that has left him with only the medication option till now. Never the less, love is to be blamed here, because if she didn’t love him so helplessly, she would have discovered this a little earlier and opted out of the relationship before she got roped in with two kids. But no woman deserves to be treated like treated like trash so I recommend that she threatens the guy with a divorce and see what happens. Who knows, maybe that will bring this man to a realisation of that he has and is about to lose. And if the guy persists with the other woman and tells the wife to do as she pleases, she should just go ahead and do it. She has her kids to find happiness in and it can’t be too hard to get laid every now and then.

  2. The problem is the foundation of their marriage. He knew she was a runs girl and even tho he never complained he somewhat detested her for her past acts. What is to say he later found out about the transmitted STD and couldnt bring himself to forgive her for bringing that disease upon him. Imagine having to live with a weakened erection all his life? I can safely assume he started cheating when he found out.

    its a sad situation but the lady is to blame. she should have aired the std issue properly to ensure adequate forgiveness. He’s merly punishing her for her past deeds. she should first confess her sins, ask for forgiveness from both God and her husband and den seek his heart again

    1. Don’t be in such a hurry. He knew about it and told her and she had to check herself and they started getting treatment together and this was way before he proposed. Should he suddenly realise she was a runs girl and treat her terribly for it? Seriously?

      1. Men have great abilities especially at repressing and suppressing their feelings. I know a lady who was a runs girl and had a colleague who knew her secrets. Time passed and they started dating each other. She reminded him of her secrets that he knew and he said it didn’t matter. She got pregnant and even though the baby is now a year and 7months he hasn’t proposed not to talk of getting her introduced to his family. It’s one excuse after the other. It could have been a realisation that came upon him while gisting with his pals.

  3. This is all fiction, yeah? So I don’t intend on asuming too much. I just wanna ride on what the writer gives me.
    Bucky never mentioned what type of STD so let’s not conclude the guy ended up with a case of erectile disfunction… Plus, if that is what he ended up with, then what dick exactly is he cheating on his wife with?
    For all we know, the girl might have HIV or some other thing that could warrant so much perpetual hate.
    The sex of the kids was also a detail that was not left out. What if the fact that she gave him girls is the reason for this debacle. Could be anything, really.. Bottom line is, she is screwed and she needs to find ‘peace’.

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