What’s in a picture?

A picture is an image which is an artifact that depicts or records visual perception of an object or a person. I love the word visual perception in that definition. I particularly find pictures interesting. I think most people do too. The children will love pictures because of the colours and bold images they portray. Adults will love pictures first because of the colours and bold images but more importantly because of the perception they love to draw from it. Little wonder Blackberry lovers cannot help but enlarge their contacts’ pictures each time it’s changed.

A picture speaks volume of words without actually inquiring about the motive behind the essence.

picture b                  imagesCACFK9BQ

Picture A                                                      Picture B

It would only be fair to use the queen of pictures as a typical example in this case – Kim Kardashian. Sometimes I wonder what her life would be without paparazzi – boring and ordinary. We wouldn’t know half of what we know about her if it wasn’t her willingness to share her life with the whole through the pictures. However, looking closely at Picture ‘A’ captured above, I’d say she appears to be in a new relationship, full of infatuation, a semblance to the adoring, worshipful affection often felt by young couples. Suffice to say too that they do look cute together. Picture ‘B’ seems to me as a couple who has come into each other and is comfortable with where they are at with each other – A place of fun and ecstasy.

picture a

Picture C

And when a couple is excited and enjoying every moment of their relationship, why shouldn’t they celebrate it in grand style on the cover of one of the world’s bestselling magazine with their daughter? A thousand words are hidden beneath these pictures and it’s obvious for the world to do their interpretations. Whether you accept and embrace the interpretations or not are left to you.

Often times I come across pictures of women and their children more often than I see pictures of them with their husbands. Now, I don’t want to jump into conclusion but when I see these pictures one too many times, I am forced to believe the woman is more into her children and her husband. Or when I visit my friends’ Instagram pages, I see more pictures of them, selfies, taken up-close in different angles of their spaces during the day. Now, another selfie taken in different angles of different spaces through the eyes of a second person will definitely capture the same essence in another form that cuts across in a different perception.

Take for example, the pictures D and E below:

Picture Dclose upWP_20141123_017                                              Picture E

Capturing the moment in Picture D doesn’t fully give the benefit of appreciating the picture while Picture E gives the benefit of appreciating the wholeness of the picture in terms of body language in the environment.

Now, the image of a picture in a picture brings out the beauty in the moment or the essence of what is intended to be captured.

The above image is showing the beauty in such photography. The environment is being captured with a mobile phone camera, while the display of the mobile phone shows a live display of the image. A picture as authentic as this brings out the liveliness in the picture and not only portraying perception from the eyes of the photographer.

What’s in a picture? It’s the beauty, the bold colours, the aesthetic essence captured in the moment and the interpretation in the perception portrayed. Pictures speak a thousand words, especially from the eyes of the snapper.

Let’s have some fun. Share some of your favourite pictures and let’s have the readers interpret their perception of it. Let the fun begin.

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