About Sex and Money


It makes me feel good when I have money in my wallet, millions in my bank account and good sex at home. It makes me feel on top of the world. It puts a smile on my face and a glow in my eyes. It makes me confident that I can be whoever I want to be with the support of these two factors – money and sex. Little wonder the women of “Sex and the City” glow with the power.

Sex is a topic that makes both men and women giggle. I thought I remember someone once say “sex makes the world go round”. Majority tend to think money does though. Either way, sex or money, they both have few things in common. They are both hot topics, can be quite personal, mind-altering, attitude-altering, more is usually better for both, and either of them can bring couples closer together or tear them apart. Either of them can give the feeling of power and accomplishment. Like it or not, they both strengthen the ability to function better and find solutions to conflicts.

They say men think more about sex than money, however true that is, perhaps they do because they can afford to. Women can’t. There are lots of worries and concerns that divert a woman’s mind away from sex, like worrying about financial independence. It doesn’t mean though that they aren’t women who do not think about sex as often as they do about money. Like I implied earlier, the absence of one in any life deters a 100% performance in a wholesome wellbeing. Having a partner who helps satisfy certain concerns relatively heals these worries and concerns and the mind can be free to explore exciting new adventures on both factors. For instance, choosing a partner who cares about satisfying your “needs” help put a woman’s mind at ease. Just as good sex isn’t rated highly if one partner only thinks about themselves. It can leave their partner feeling frustrated and emotionally taken advantage of. The same is true for a partner who is not concerned with co-building assets. Honestly, why get married if you aren’t interested in creating a shared vision, mutual goals and building a foundation of wealth as a family? Except you are fully aware you are marrying a village illiterate, no one wants to have a useless partner, and except you engage your partner, you will never get the best out of them.

Some will argue that a combination of good sex and money gives them power, but really I wouldn’t imagine anyone would deny this. I wouldn’t. I love both. I love power. I love to carry myself with the influence of it all. Don’t you?

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