Story for the gods

story for the gods

Tia is in love. That kind of once in a lifetime love most people never find in their lifetime. Her heart beat only for him, whether he is good to her for bad, and she even says she will continue to love him even if he would break her heart. She is confident that he will not though. He wouldn’t because the love is mutual. He adores Tia more than she will ever know. His family is in support of their relationship because they think she is good for their son and brother.
Tia is a beauty, seems perfect in more ways than one. There are other guys too who are fighting for her attention but her mind is set on her love for Theodore. After all, he is good to her and she lacks nothing, absolutely nothing with him. Life is perfect as far as Tia is concerned and it will continue to be wonderful with Theodore.
Still, there is this one guy – this one guy who makes her want to coddle a premeditated risk. He is nothing like Theodore. He isn’t even as handsome or sleek or sagacious as Theodore. Hers’ is not the case of being taken for granted so that other guys appreciate what Theodore isn’t but Tia is becoming too comfortable with where she is and longs to be more adventurous.  She doesn’t have to but she wants to, if only to sample a second, different feeling.
Dolan ends up nothing like Theodore, not in his affection, not in his touch, not in his sensitivity, not even in his words. Theodore will always be her hearts’ joy. She dumps Dolan but her continuity with Theodore becomes marred because she struggles still to forgive her dirt and enjoy her love blamelessly. She realizes that even in her ordinary state, Dolan would not have been her first, second or even third choice. In another life, if she had a choice and Dolan was put in a line-up of possible candidates, she would skip him in a heartbeat. He wasn’t a worthy second-best.
Even as much as she loves Theodore, the thought of him being the one she would end up with drives her crazy. She loves him too much that she fears if he ever hurt her, she would literally run mad. She needs a balancing force to keep her steady. So while she would choose not to grow old with Theodore, and she would never re-consider Dolan, her search for “the balancing force” continues.

One thought on “Story for the gods

  1. Seems to me like Tia is taking a risk. She found her 80% but was still pinning for the missing 20%. Unfortunately one can never find someone who has it all, so in some way we all settle. The wisdom is knowing when to settle and when to continue the search. What if she never finds love like Theodore’s?

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