The Difference…

I liked this too much not to share. Enjoy!



In my constant perusal of pinterest  i stumbled on this picture and i instantly saved it and used it as a display picture on my bbm. A friend of mine buzzed me shortly afterwards to ask what the difference was.

I took my time to respond because he’s rather critical of women and their feelings and emotions. This is an expanded version of my response to his query on the difference between who we love, who we settle with, and who we are meant to be with.

Who we love is that person that our hearts beat for, for good, for bad, even if he/she kills someone we would love them none-the-less.

Who we settle for is the person who is ordinarily not our 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice. If our lives were rewound and the person was put in a line-up of possible candidates we would skip them in…

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