With Every Sigh, I Cry

with every sigh

With every sigh, I cry for my country

Like the national pledge says, I want to serve Nigeria with all my heart

More often now when I pray, it’s almost inevitable not to pray for my country

For how worthless the life of citizens have become to our government, I pray for a change

For what politics has become in my country, I pray for a revolution

For how dispassionate the citizens have become toward Nigeria, I pray for an awakening

With every news broadcast, I sigh.

When I sigh I cry, wondering if the prayers of the saints will be sufficient for our survival.

With every sigh, I cry for love

Once, a long time ago, my favourite word was love

I loved to love.

I loved to be loved.

I loved to be useful and considerate.

I wanted love so bad I pictured how the course of my life would run on those four letter word

And I was so sure I would attract love because I wanted it so much

But these days when I think of the love, I sigh

And when I sigh I cry, wondering if I will ever have it like I want it

With every sigh, I cry for the future

A future so vast and uncertain, it’s almost difficult to fathom what exactly is therein

Yet we know it held life before us and life will persist after we are gone

It isn’t dependent on how right or wrong we live,

Otherwise we would see the immediate consequence of every action

Yet we put in our hearts and soul to reap a better future

A world unknown, a world unsure, a world unreliable

With every sigh I cry, wondering what the future holds for me

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